3 April 2019

Wasteland Ruin 1 - concrete building

Made a nice concrete building all ruined. Made it with cheap and simple materials - some which I found by accident. Gonna write a tutorial later - but I forgot to take proper stage photos of the project.

This on is going to see use in This Is Not A Test, Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse and perhaps some Necromunda as well.


  • Wedi board
    • A xps board, with glass fibre netting and cement sides. Made for building bathrooms.
  • Nails
  • Sand
  • Cork
    • I use cheap table protectors from Ikea
  • PVA glue
  • Cheap acryllics and spray paint

And here's the first one all done. It's around a cubic feet in size, so it's a pretty nice size. Gonna make for better game inside. Wanted the buildings to be big enough to provide cover for even large 40k models - not that I really play the game. But I do have a Death Guard army and don't want Mortarion to get shot!

Models shown are from my slaver warband.

The cars are hammered, broken toys. Easy and quick to do.

An escaped sacrificial lamb from my peace keeper warband.


  1. Looks awesome - I will look forward to reading your tutorial.

    The Wedi board - you commented on your FB post it didn't work well - I have struggled to find the right XPS material, do you think Wedi is the right one or do you have any other UK places to get a good material that will work?

    1. Hi Pete.
      First I'm not in the UK, but Denmark - so cannot help with stores.

      I know you can get clean XPS boards, but I haven't found any in Denmark. So this Wedi was an experiment, to see if I could remove the hard backing and get left with a nice clean xps board.

      Couldn't do it with the tools at hand. I bet I could make a hotcutter for the purpose though.

      Never one to waste materials, and seeing the 'rebar', I'm happy to use the board for a ruin.

    2. Thanks. WIth these XPS boards you use, there seems to be a lot of variety - do you know exactly the best type of board?

    3. Sorry Pete. No idea. My hardware store has three types. Same cement / glass fiber mix on the sides, different thickness on the boards. One was roughly 6 cm, pink foam. One was 3 cm pink foam. The one I've used is around 1 cm thick blue foam.

      Brand name is Wedi. German brand.

    4. https://www.wedi.de/en/products/building-systems/building-board/building-board/