8 April 2019

Last Days: Massacre in the woods

I played a couple of Last Days games at a convention, at good time to show off some of all the terrain. Unfortunately I forgot my green felt mat, so we had to play on a green table - doesn't look as nice.

We played the scenario Massacre Site, so the supplies were all carried by zombies, that had to be put down first.

We laid out a board with a small house in a wooded area, a tent camp and a small river. I had remembered some of my felt terrain: asphalt road, dirt road and river.

Not much of a report in this blog, as it's been awhile since the game and I've forgotten the details.

I decided to try a stealthy approach for this scenario as one of my guys had just gotten a hunting bow. Made a model for him after playing this scenario - Bobby the Survivalist.

Another angle of the entire battle field.

A little reference to Zombieland. I just had to get myself a yellow humvee. The is quick weathered with this method.

The newest member of Bai Wu's group is a survivalist called Ian.

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