16 June 2019

Ghost Archipelago: First Crew

First weekend of August I'm finally gonna get my first game of Ghost Archipelago, after playing a lot of games in the Frozen City.

My jungle is all done and now I have adventures to go into it, searching for glory and treasures.

Full Warband
Heritor, Beast Warden, specialists and regular crew ready for adventures. I've been using models from Avatars of War, Northstar, Reaper Miniatures, Games Workshop and some unknown barbarian model.

One thing that was important for me when doing these guys, was to have different races on board - like any good pirate movie. So I've been using 5 different skin tones on the warband.

And for the complete Lego pirate experience, I've made sure to paint stripes on pants, scarfs and vests. Adds a lot of detail for free.

The leader of the warband, the descendant of one who found the Crystal Pool. This is my conquistador inspired heritor - Hector Fernandez Rodrigo Gonzales III.

I don't think it's a good idea to bring a hero in a full plate armor into a watery jungle - but I'm going for rule of cool. This model is from Avatars of War.

Beast Warden
This is an old Games Workshop wood elf model, I've cut off his ears. The model has lots of feathers and a bird skull on the staff, so I made him a beast warden. His name is Bright Feather.

Savage - specialist
I can't remember where I have this model from and I don't know who made him, but he's a beast! He stands taller than any other model in the warband, so perfect for a Savage. 

Infantryman - specialist
This is an old Games Workshop Empire soldier. I added a halberd (instead of the spear) and secured it with string and superglue. Also gave him some feathers and accessories in the belt. He's wearing the same colors as the Heritor and served under him in the army - before they went adventuring. 

Bowmen - specialists
These models are pure Northstar plastics from the crew kit - an excellent multi part plastic kit. As with any bow wielding models, I've made sure to add bowstrings to them.

Captain - Crewman
I really wanted to use this cool pirate model from Reaper Miniatures. So I decided that he would be the captain off the ship, and my Heritor have only bought passage. He'll be counting as a regular crewman in the game - unless I can upgrade him to a specialist later on (one that takes a place of a crewman). 

The rest of my crewmen are also made from the Northstar box of soldiers. I'm especially happy with the corsair on the left, such a cool model. I still have 5 crewmen on a sprue, don't know what I'll use them for - but they are definitely good to have.


  1. Great looking warband. Love the mix of minis you have gone for especially that awesome Savage!

    1. I love the savage model myself and I have no idea where he's from. A very cool miniature and loving the fact that he's bigger than the rest.