10 June 2019

This Is Not A Test: Peacekeepers vs. Slavers

This is a write up of my first This Is Not A Test game - played a few months ago. Have the second one coming up, which is nice.

I made the below in around in a weeks time of hobby work. The stuff is quickly build and painted. And there's step-by-steps for most of it here.

As this was the first time playing for me and my opponent, we did a simple scenario. Scattered some supply tokens on the board and let them be worth 10 bs if secured. There was no wandering monsters or dangerous terrain, as I haven't done any of those for the game yet.

Keep it simple when playing a game for the first time.

My warband in the first game, is my team of peace keepers. Out in the wild on regular patrolling, keeping it safer for everyone. Full blog on these guys here.

Fighting against the law was a band of slavers - out there looking for fresh meat. Brutal guys, earning cash in a brutal way. Also made with the peace keeper rules. Full blog here.

We played on a 3'x4' setup with two giant bombed buildings in the middle. Putting lots of wasteland terrain on the board. Lots of good places to hide and get out of enemies line of fire.

We set up our warbands on the far ends of the tables.

Action shots
Slavers ready to enter the bombed city in search for potential slaves.

A sacrificial lamb, a slave with bomb collar, is send ahead of the team. No need to take care of those.

A peacekeeper sacrificial lamb, sneaking into the city block.

The main road through the board would be where the two warbands clash.

A slave attacking the leader of the peace keepers. After the leader took a wound, the brutal slave master blew the bomb collar, hoping to take out the peace keeper. Fortunately he survived the blast.

Entering main street, ready to fight the big guy line breaker from the slaver team.

The slaver with the shotgun must be one of my favorite posed models. And it's bad for that sacrificial lamb to be that close to a shotgun blast.

The peace keeper outrider took up a sniper position from the star of the game. He couldn't really hit a thing, but he forced the slavers to stay in cover.

Trying to protect the wounded leader, going for an escape through the ruin. The shotgun wielding officer is On Hold! to blast the slaver line breaker if he enters the building.

Really liking the bottle cap counters. They're on the large side of counters, but they look cool and fit the Fallout theme.

The game ended with no clear winner. The slavers drew some great wasteland exploration cards and got a lot of cash. The line breaker lost his life in the game, but there was plenty of cash to re-buy him with the same gear. A single officer also got XP for a new level, adding a bit of value to the warband. 

The peace keepers drew a lot of wasteland encounters, but they managed to fail all the rolls - and ended with very little loot after the game. ... that wasn't cool. So they are at the exact same level as before the game.


  1. Great report it all looks excellent!

    1. Super duper cool and thematic to play on a complete board.