4 June 2019

Terrain: Hills

When playing the frozen version of Frostgrave, it wasn't a problem getting height on the table - as it came directly from the buildings. Now playing Ghost Archipelago I had to make some hills, to get some height on the board.

Not really needing it for line of sight blocking - the jungle takes care of that. But the board simply looks better with mixed heights on the terrain. So I found some old warhammer hills - not having seen any action in years. Dusted them off and added some jungle sprinkle flock mix to them.

There's some words on making them at the end of the blogpost, first the pictures.

Guardian statues showing the way to a skull totem in the cliff side.

The old hills were made with room for classic warhammer regiment sizes, so there's plenty of room for some of the jungle pieces.

The lush green areas were brown dirt earlier, covered those places with new flock.

Work in progress
The hills are cut from an old foam mattress. I've glued the foam pieces to mdf board scavenged from strawberry boxes. Lots of glue and a heavy weight on top. 

The cliffs are made from cutting thick lines in the foam. I've then painted the entire thing with a thick layer of bathroom tile cement. It hardens well on the hills and is easy to work with.

The skulls are polystyrene Halloween decorations.  

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