7 June 2019

Tutorial: Wasteland sprinkle

For a long time I've been using leaf scatter on my boards when playing games. I add them to most terrain pieces (though I'm out until autumn). It binds everything together really well.

So I had this idea to make a box of themed sprinkle for the various games that I play. And since the next game coming up is some Post Apocalyptic This Is Not A Test - that's what I mixed first. 

I've taken some stuff and made a mix: 
  • Dead static grass from Green Stuff World (there's unbelievably much in a pot).
  • Small pieces of ripped up cork (Ikea table protectors)
  • Small square cork (painted grey) as bricks
  • Dry dirt
  • Sand
  • Small aquarium stones
Will add birch tree seeds when I can harvest some this autumn. 

Just mixed everything in a box, gave it a shake while spraying a bit of grey and brown paint in. 

I always use felt mats for gaming (mostly made by myself) and it's quite easy to shake the sprinkle back into the box again. 

And from the first test - it really works well! Such a simple idea - should have had it ages ago.

Check out my wasteland terrain builds here.

Without any wasteland sprinkle.

With some wasteland scatter. Really adds a lot to the ruined building, in terms of blending in with the mat.

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