24 September 2019

Ramshackle Games: Dungers

Dungers are a weird mutated bear/boar creature from Ramshackle Games. Curtis Fell have made a huge lot of different sizes and versions of these creatures. I've picked up a few different ones at a Black Friday sale - the meanest looking ones.

Painting and basing
I've painted these in the quickest possible way I could. Different brown base coats, drybrushing and wash - done. Super quick. I made some fairly neutral bases as well, dirt, grass and stones. I didn't put rusty junk on them or bright green colors. This way I can use the models across settings.

Here's the small herd of dungers - guarded by a dunger riding shephard. The start of a This Is Not A Test warband.

Here's a photo of them between regular green trees - fitting quite nicely in a fantasy setting as well. So I'll probably stick them in both Frostgrave and Ragnarok.

And then I've used the dungers for my TNT post apocalypse trader caravan.