5 September 2019

Wasteland / Cyberpunk NPCs

Here's a couple of models I painted for caravan NPC guards in this game of This Is Not A Test. One models is from a random trade, an old metal miniature - I've only added a backpack to him. I think it's a bit from 40k Adeptus Mechanicus.

The other model is an unconverted Ramshackle Games miniature - part of a Mini Gang set. I have some other in the same cloaked style - want to paint a clan like them.

Besides working for the wasteland both of these are good for Reality's Edge. I think both of these will be used as bystanders in my market place. The guy with the staff could also work as a Street Doc.

This guy is also from Ramshackle Games, actually a small goblin riding a Dunger. But I've been painting him up to also be a member of my Dunger Herder Clan project. I've giving this guy a 40k Kroot rifle - a bit that I really love. That rifle is simply great for so many post apoc conversions.

In the caracvan scenario (linked above) he just acted as a beast pulling a cart - same stats as the dungers without riders.