18 July 2019

Wasteland Caravan

There's a specific scenario in This Is Not A Test where the warbands are fighting over a caravan. Since I've been wanting to build a post apocalypse caravan for some time, it was perfect to choose this scenario for a game.

This was some great junk build and I'm very pleased with the result. I'll described the bits and bobs used for each cart.

For painting I base coated the wagons with different brown spray paints. The green canvas was added after base coating, as I wanted to keep the original color.

Besides scrap and free materials, the only bought stuff is some (super cheap) resin detail bits from Ramshackle Games. The other named minaiture bits (most from Games Workshop) are from a deal, where I flipped some items and got a lot of bits left for free. I love that stuff.

I'll by using these wagons as terrain pieces in setups as well. Especially when using my scrap metal hydro bar.

The four finished wagons.

Wagon 1
Base is made from Bismarck model ship plastic and orc chariot sides. Ammo crate and box of fruit from Ramshackle. The wheels are Lego wagon wheels. Other stuff includes old necklace chain, bbq sticks, sprue and matches.

The front is made from thick paper, wire, string and superglue. It's real strong, but can still bend over the back of a pack animal.

Wagon 2
This wagon is made from a base of a Khemri chariot, a couple of goblin shields and wheels from a tractor play set. The blue barrel is a super glue lid. The tarp is made from military bandage. There's some wire, matches and sprue added as scrap.

Wagon 3
This one is rather cool. The wagon is made from a die cast toy truck. I found this in the ground of my dads garden and managed to keep the natural weathering on it, only adding brown wash.

Bits added to this includes screws, bolts, superglue lids, necklace chain, wire. The bottom of the wagon is made from model ship scrap and a bbq stick.

Wagon 4
The last wagon is again build on a Khemri chariot with a few modelship and orc chariot bits. Added resin beer barrels from Ramshackle Games, superglue lid barrel, wire and military bandage.

I didn't build a roof on this one, because I want to put a cocktail umbrella on it, when I find some. Need those for a cyberpunk anyways.

Caravan with Dungers

The caravan ready for transportation of goods. The wagons are pulled by Dungers (some fun monsters from Ramshackle Games). This was some very nice objectives for the scenario.


  1. Nice! exelent! i need some for my post apoc world

    1. Go for it, it's an easy build. Superglue and scrap.

  2. I converted a bunch of Khemri/TK chariots too. They would probably have been worth quite a bit these days sadly...

    1. Probably would be, if complete. Mine weren't nothing but the underside. Got them for free myself.

      I sold many old metal models or flipped for better numbers. I would rather have plastic to convert.