29 September 2019

TNT: Post Apocalypse Scatter

Here's a few colored scatter pieces for post apocalypse games. These are gonna see the board of pretty much every game I play. Walking Dead, This Is Not A Test, Reality's Edge and Last Days.

A friend of mine pointed out, that I needed spot colors on my wasteland board - as it was pretty much brown and grey nuances. And that looks just like the wasteland I really want - but a few spot colors does a lot for the look.

The toilets are resin pieces from TTCombat, a great little set. I thought there was only one in the pack so I was presently surprised that I got four of them. A quick blue base coat, white roof and then some graffiti.Graffiti is made with Posca markers, excellent wet acrylic markers. A bit pricey, but great for making cool graffiti.

The other pieces are some barricades from zombicide. I got these in the 3d door pack, because I want to upgrade all my mdf buildings. The barricades are two piece sets and the connecting pieces have a nice traffic cone shape. So from four barricades, I managed to get 6 barricades. I filled the bottom of the mattresses with sprue and coffee stirrers. 


  1. Great work on the wasteland additions. They look good. I think I need to check out those markers.

  2. I'm happy I made the investment - really good when I build a lot of cyberpunk terrain.

  3. Some great scatter terrain there. Useful for a number of settings.