4 October 2019

Ghost Archipelago: Animals

Time for another addition to my Ghost Archipelago bestiary. As I've known for a long time I wanted to play the game, I've collected toy animals for an equally long time. Thrift stores will get you everything you need to get, if you look long enough.

Both of the giant snapping turtles are toys, I didn't even do a repaint on these. Brown wash and basing - done. The tutles fit neatly on 40mm bases.

Soldier Crab
Another lucky toy find, this took awhile and was wondering if I would ever find one. Found it only a couple weeks before the first games. Another easy brown wash + basing model. Put on a 50mm base.

Giant Lizards
Another set of toys, I didn't find these at a thrift store - I got them from my kid. The youngest loves playing with my miniatures and have nothing against giving up a few toys for upgrading. I gave the eyes on the lizards a black color and then a brown wash overall. Simple trick again. 40mm bases.

The crocodile is another toy. There's some very good crocodile miniatures out there, but I'm cheap and found this one - it'll do the trick. As far as toys go, this is not as good as many of the others. I had to do a complete repaint on this one.

Toy snake, glued to a fairly large base. Looked at some photos of anacondas online and did a repaint. The black spots are better muted in real life, the photos make them stand out too much.

Giant snakes
Toys again, only gave them a brown wash and repainted eyes. Had to curl them up a bit tighter to fit on the base and secure them with super glue.

The king of the jungle. I've already painted a tiger, that I'm very proud off: Shiva. But she has asphalt on here base, so wanted to do another one fitting for the jungle board. But toy big cats are hard to find in a good quality. After a repaint, this is decent - the painting is good. The model itself is mediocre. But it's free and it's a 'clear' on the list.

Mountain goats
These are actual models from the Warlord Games Farm Animal sets. The animals set is great and will give lots of objectives for other games as well. Also comes with some dogs, that's also a warband member i lots of settings. The animals are on the small side though.

Sharks and needle fish
I was originally planning on making sharks, by simply making a fin sticking out of water. But then I came across these weird dinosaur aquatic beasts. These have now become count ass needle fish and sharks in the came.

It's not spiked like in the beast description, simply a small octopus toy, with a repaint and on a water base.

I've painted a couple of white gorillas for the Frozen City version of Frostgrave - but they're not gonna work in a jungle. Another toy found at a thrift store, did a quick repaint of the model - black and grey.


  1. Nice collection of critters. Love the crab!

    1. He's a favorite. Lots of people have pointed it out actually.