31 January 2020

Terrain: Mono rail and train

A good cyberpunk board needs a monorail and a train zooming across. It just adds a lot to the vibe and gives some nice height to the table.

I've been lucky enough to find a cheap Dickey Toys train at a children's flea market (best place to pick up stuff for terrain). And by pure crazy extra luck, my regular opponent found another in the trash at his home! So the second one will be turned into wasteland terrain.

I gave the entire train a layer of matt varnish and when dried, it applied a layer of brown wash. The wash can't stick on the toy plastic, if matt varnish isn't applied first.

I've invested in a set of Posca Markers, wet acryllic markers - perfect for grafittit. So I've added a lot of grafitti to the train.

Half-Life 3 - lie lie lie!

Mono Rail
I've gotten the Metro Station and Mono Rail kits from TTCombat. The Metro Station is a very nice kit, bulky and huge. Easy to put together. I painted it in the same colors as the train was.

As this kit is only gonna be used for cyberpunk games, I've added a lot of posters, grafitti and newspaper trash to it.

The mono rail sets themselves are the first TTC kit, that I really have trouble with. They don't click together well, the fall over easily and are very wobly. I've even added a lot of extra weight to the bottom of the kit.


  1. Awesome content, just getting back into the terrain building bug!

    1. It's a part of the hobby I really enjoy. Nothing better than a completely thematic board.

  2. That table just gets juicier and juicier 😍

  3. That's some really great graffiti! Do you have real-world experience? :)

    1. Nope. Only ever used spray paints on miniatures. But I do like to draw.