27 January 2020

Terrain: Trash piles

I want my cyberpunk board to look worn down and slummy. So I've been meaning to do some trash piles that would also add some easy detail to my various post apoc boards.

TTCombat makes some excellent and fairly cheap resin kits with 'backyard scatter'. But it would be too expensive to make the amount of bases I would like.

So I've taken some Green Stuff World blue stuff and made molds of the resin bits, then I've cast extras with plaster. This is super duper cheap and you'll get 5 kg for 12 Euro. And so I had extra trash cans and garbage bags quickly.

Glues the bits to thin plastic card and cut them out.

I base coated the piles with grey spray and picked out some different details on the bits. Then I gave the piles a heavy layer of brown wash.

Then add extra details to the base with printed news papers, torn up toilet paper, pieces of black plastic and shredded cork pieces.




  1. Those are perfect. (in a gross, busted, debris-choked post-apocalyptic kind of way)

  2. Very nice!
    If you find a need for more blue stuff, the original name for the product is Oyumaru. No need to buy gsw's overpriced rebranding ;)

    1. Cheers. I've captured must of what GSW is rebranding and selling expensive. Lots of Wish and AliExpress items.

      Didn't know this one though.

    2. If you'd like to share these things you found to replace GW's exhorbiting prices...that'd be cool.

    3. Sorry, I don't follow? Language barrier perhaps?