21 January 2020

Terrain: Blue Dragon Clan Temple

Whenever possible I like to have a quick look in thrift shops, second hand stores, flea markets and the like. I've made so much cool terrain from toys and other bobs found for cheap these places.

Long before Reality's Edge was even out I found the base for a cool triad temple / night club. On a lot of my cyberpunk terrain pieces I've put some gang tags for the Blue Dragon Clan, so I went with blue for the temple.

First pictures on the finished pices and below some words and pictures of what I did with it.

A jewelry box
I think originally this was a jewelry box of something like it. Made to look like a big temple with removeable roof.

I started by pulling out some mirrors that were on the inside. The top wooden piece was around 4 cm thick, but with a saw I was able to remove 1,5 cm of that.

As seen above there are nice carvings around the outside. Took my small hobby saw and made some 28mm sized doors in both the long sides of the building and removing some of the fences.

To get some texture on the roof I used some xps insulation foam for putting underneath floor boards, it comes with a nice currogated look.

Last I sacrified an Ikea cork plate for protecting a table from hot pans. I had just the right thickness to fit as a stair on both sides.

The paint hob was really quick. I used one color of blue on the dragon carvings and pillars. Used another blue on the roof. Grey spray on the rest of the outside and some grey and blue details on the inside of the building.

Then I gave the entire thing a heavy layer of brown wash, as I always do.