18 January 2020

Ghost Archipelago: Ulterior Motives

Ulterior Motives is the best addition to Frostgrave. I haven't used any of the other stuff from the Spellcaster magazines, so the Ulterior Motives deck is turning out a bit expensive - but I'm happy to support one of my favourite writers.

Since my first set is all covered in snow. For the Ghost Archipelago it was time to build something different.

Blue Stuff press molds
Green Stuff World sells excellent blue stuff for making quick press molds of bits. I made some from old lizardmen shields (only had a few in the bit box). Use legos to make a better mold and save blue stuff. Then I used greenstuff to make a bunch of shields, for details on my ulterior motive pieces.

Cut some cork sheet (table heat protectors are cheap) and cut out some brick sized pieces. I then drilled a small hole in each piece and drew a wire through them. Bend it into shape and tied the wire to a 40mm base.

I added some easy details to the archway with a few old dwarf horn instruments (ugly bits for infantry, excellent for terrain). Put some of the shields I made on each side.

Arcana Disc
Back when doing my Roman RISK GSW donated a nice greek rolling pin. I made a 50:50 play-doh / miliput mix and rolled it onto a 60mm round mdf base. Then I added some shield symbols and greenstuff shields. I've hade the alien skull for ages, figured it would make a fun little detail.

I've already wrote a post about the statues I made from old lizardmen. A couple square bases glued together and a grey model on top. Here's more words on the statues.

The Pit
This one was fairly easy and quick to do. Went to Google, searcher for 'dungeon pit', printed an image and glued it to thin cardboard. Then used some of the cork bricks around the edge. It's hard to photograph, but looks very nice on the table.

I already have a bunch of these stone caskets. Old Heroquest furniture and one I build myself. But they don't really fit the setting well either. Again using cork, I've cut out a good shape and a few layers. 

Found some lizardmen and khemri bits I've been saving in my 'for the jungle stuff' board and glued to it. Kept using the same bronze and brass colors I've used for the other bits. 

Runic stone
A super quick build. I took two different old lizardmen standards and put them on top of each other. Grey primer, brass and bronze details - wash and done.

I painted up plenty of zombies for the core book bestiary, so it's just about picking on up to use as an ulterior motives objective. 

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