5 January 2021

Terrain: Classic fantasy board

Once in awhile it's nice to take out everything with a certain theme and set i up. So I tried setting up a classic fantasy board, just to see where I'm at with terrain for that. And it turns out I'm pretty well set with different pieces. With my little village, farms and woods. The board below is a 2,5' x 6' board. So plenty of terrain already done for the game sizes play (often 3'x3').

You can check out step-by-steps and build posts for all the different terrain pieces in this hub.

Plans to expand
I still have plenty of pieces to expand this board. 
  • I have four more small renedra huts in the garage. Different types than then ones I've already painted. 
  • Fences. I have a lot more Renedra fences, that I need to paint. 
  • There's a small stone church from Wargames Tournament. 
  • Stone walls from Tiny Wargames. 
  • Castle and lots of houses from TTCombat
  • Also want to upgrade my fabric roads and glue to cardboard and add flock and sand. 
Joy to the fantasy world
I really don't play a lot fantasy games fitting for something like this, I just really like to build it and look at it. And that's what I want from my hobby. A big sprawling fantasy city filling an entire 4'x6' board, that would be so super duper awesome and good looking. 


  1. Replies
    1. Cheers. One of the nice things about Rangers is playing on a totally old high fantasy setup.

  2. Awesome, full with small details, which make the hole table live! My table looks like a desert, next to Yours... I barely can fill a 3x3 with ruins and some trees for Frostgrave and recently, Rangers of Shadow Deep.

    1. It's such a satisfying hobby feel to look at a fully cluttered board.