9 March 2022

Guilders: A Life In Shadows

 Hello hobby people. 

I continue to dabble a bit in video editing, I think it's an important media for any game. Since I don't have a fan base or something like that in the back - I need to make videos myself to get Guilders out there. 

So I'm working with a limited setup and no real editing experience in getting better with it. I just finished a small 'What's Guilders' video. You can check it out below. 

I have plans for a complete 'how to play' series and to stream / edit all my solo game playtesting of the game as well. Will probably get around to filming the first solo games soon. 

I you want to support this project, please help with providing some reach. You can do that by dropping some likes on the SoMe platforms. All collected in LinkTree.

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