27 March 2022

Let's Play - A Regular Days Work - Guilders Solo

 A couple of weeks ago I sat down and started testing the solo capabilities of Guilders - A Life In Shadows. All scenarios will need a couple of solo playtests from myself. Both to check who the campaign works and if the scenarios are fun. 

Playing the three games did bring up a few point that I need to tweak, but nothing major. 

The first solo Let's Play is now up on YouTube. And this video will cover the entire section of a game. 

I've added timestamp / chapters to the video for easier watching. The video is fairly long but it will cover: 

My Guild: All the characters, quick description 

Setup: How the board, objectives and civilians

Full Game: A full 6 turn long game, with descriptions of what goes on in the different phases. 

End Game Sequnece: All the RPG elements going on in a game. XP, Loot, Injuries, Roam the City. 

This video will give a fairly good overview of the game and definately make it easier for people to read and understand the rules. 

I have a bunch of How To Play and two more Let's Play videos filmed. Just need editing and will be posted in the future. 

I would love feedback on both my video - editing stuff if really new to me and I learn stuff each time. 

The rules. Read them, check them, play if you want. All manner of feedback is appreciated. You can find the rules and the various SoMe on the Linktree.

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