15 March 2022

Terrain: Wargames Tournament Church

Wargames Tournaments is a company making various MDF kits. Sometimes they have some insane 'kits under 10£' deals. So way before Brexit I stacked up on a ton of wonderful and cheap kits. Between those kits was a love midieval church kit for cheap. 

I decided to upgrade it much as I've upgraded other MDF kits for Guilders - A Life In Shadows

I used thick card to make foundation stones all around the base of the church. And on the tower I mixed different thickness of cardboard. 

The roof got shingles mde some long strips of thin card, with small triangles cut into them. It's a lot quicker to cut than one might expect. The top rof is the most tricky. I cut both sides and leave a 1cm wide flat space on the top. This allows miniatures to stand on the roof, perfect for skirmish games. I also did this for the small roof on the entrance. 

The nave (main house on church) I gave the premixed polyfilla with some added woodglue. Giving nice various textures on the build.

Base painting was done with four different rattle cans (just the cheap ones). Black on the roof, white on the nave, dark grey on flat tower surfaces, light grey on the corners (a kind of pre highlight).

The tower had a wooden floor added. I cut a small square piece of XPS and rolled it with a Green Stuff roller. Painted it with modpodge and then drybrushed light brown. 

The rest of the build is painted with different cheap acryllics. Gave the roof a dark drey drybrush on the black. Picked out individual stone with various greys here and there. 

I also painted individual stones on the flat parts of the tower, further giving the illusion of stone work. 

The base around the church is made with a mix of sand in some places, cardboard tiles in others. 

I went with a bright red for the windows around the church, making it match on the priests and monks I've painted up. 


  1. That looks really cool. Great job. I like the fact you can move miniatures across the roof as well.

    1. Cheers. We've found that it really adds a lot to the gaming that it's easy play vertically.