17 August 2022

Guilders: Let's Play - Pick Your Poison

 Here's the third solo playtest game I've filmed of Guilders: A Life In Shadows. 

In this scenario my guild is going to rob a new alchemist store in the city. Here's the introduction from the rulebook. 

A newly arrived Alchemist from a far-away land have set up shop in the city. Through neglect, error or arrogance (that is unknown), the alchemist is not yet a member of any Guild (that is known). Time to get some free supplies is short, quickly now before a member fee or protection money find the Old Alchemists Guild!

This video is cut a bit tighter than the others. As this only shows the actual gameplay. The aftergame section: XP, injuries, jobs etc. will be covered in another video. 

Guilders in general is pretty far. Nearly done reading the entire thing for corrections and grammar - it's taken a long time. This heatwave is really not leaving a lot of brain activity for that part. 

I've also had a lot of artwork made for the game. So all in all it's going really good. 

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