31 August 2022

Guilders 1.5 beta is out!

 I'm very proud of this version. The game is nearly complete. It's only a few RPG Roam the City entries that neat writing. What's new: I've taken a long time to read through the book twice, looking for typos, grammar mistakes and such. In terms of proof reading - this is the best of my ability. 

And I found a lot of mistakes here and there. But there's also a lot of other changes / additions, that bring the game closer to the game I imagine. Lots of tweaks and campaign stuff. 

Listed here: 
• New knockout rules – a chance knockout attacks don’t cause alarm. 
• Tweaked ‘Max At Start’ and rarity for multiple items. 
• Tweaked and changed multiple skills, added a new skill ‘Dodge’. 
• Revised the level-up rolls. 
• Serious injury roll has multiple new entries. • Added lots of Roam the City results. 
• Expanded on rules for hiring new guilders – who is available to hire. 

So now is a perfect time for you to read through the game. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Soon I'll start making artwork and learning how to setup a neat looking finished book.

 You can find Guilders 1.5, the Lite version and complete starting warbands (with skill and gear references) in the public folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1QgOD7G3eYUppV07vF_K5aypvIg9NyuQu

I would appriciate this making the rounds. So feel free to share it, tell about it. Thank you.

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