1 August 2022

Sludge - the beginning

Right... most of my hobby time this past year have gone into Guilders: A Life In Shadows. Writing, modelling, playing. 

Some of the guys over on the Discord are getting into Sludge. And I really don't need to paint a lot of miniatures or a new game. But they talked me into building a board for Sludge at Horisont Con 2023. ... and then I found myself with three plastic kits and getting into Sludge. Oh well. 

Sludge is a dark fantasy medieval / napolionics / ww1 mix. Lovely grimey look on it all and fairly open to interpretation. You can get it in Blaster 4 - right here.

I've bought Wargames Atlantic WW1 french, Perry Miniatures Footknights and Agincourt Mounted Knights. That will make up my army alongside bits already at hand. 

The first squad I build was Jägers. Made with some leftover Perry Miniatures, European Mercenaries, and some WGA french rifles. Gave them machetes as the unit has muskets and melee weapons. Added feathers to their hats (Jägers have to climb a tree and steal them from a Roc). 

All my miniatures in the army are gonna have ragged cloaks and ponchos, to fantasy up the ww1 miniatures. It's just ripped up toilet paper and super glue. Really easy to do and looks great. The last photos show them off better. 

Chaplain and bodyguards
Next up I made a chaplain and some bodyguards. I have no idea about what the do in the game. But I found three old bretoninia miniatures in the bit box. Since these are not soldiers I greenstuffed some tubes for their breathers. 

This is true bitbox mania, with old empire militia two-handed sword, a gnoll from frostgrave two handed sword, frostgrave cultist heads, wga french backpacks, warhammer flagalant head, elf mage book. All manner of stuff.

Line Infantry
My line infantry will be almost all made up from WGA french soldiers from ww1. It's the paiting that will make them look fantasy styled and not modern military. Also the toilet paper cloaks really add a lot to the Sludge look on the miniatures. 

The drummers and banner bearers (right now just a pole arm) are bit box conversions. Perry Miniature pikes. Warhammer drums, paper strap, hand with drumsticks are different arrow wielding arms cut into shape.

These will get a sergent on the bases, but I'm missing a few bits (other kits in the mail) for those guys.

A better look at the cloaks

And the army as it stands right now after two days of building. 

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Here's the links (clicking them will remember my account for  14 days, when you enter the side however). Go check out Blaster Volume 3 and 4 over there. Sludge seems a nice game. 

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