7 August 2022

Guilders: Guard Commander and jesters

 I had a good friend (an original member of the Discord) print me some miniatures, back when I started doing Guilders. These days, I've gotten a ton of minis from kickstarters - but still want to paint up these 3d prints. This guy is an elf emmisary from a court collection. I've painted him up as a guard captain. He'll both work in Oathmark as a leader and an encounter in Guilders. One of the complications for Heists is feautering a guard captain. 

Next up is a couple of jesters and a bard. The two jester miniatures are 3d printed and the bard is a Ronnie the Bard. That miniature is from Mantic Games - I have no idea where I got him from. Some kickstarter I recon.

Since there's three civillians on a crowd base in guilders, these three can go together. There's also a complication where two bards are placed on the board at the start. These could also work for that. And the scenario Masked Masses - a carnival scenario. 

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