5 May 2023

Zona Alfa: Instute Mech

This big clunky mech was painted for a competition over on the Stalker7 facebook community, it's an absolutely amazing group containing all P. Todoroffs different systems. He's great at running competitions and always offers nice prizes as well. 

In order to contribute to that community, I always try and find something to paint for it. This huge robot is from the Reichbusters kickstarter (I won an auction for it really cheaply). Most of it I've sold on (and broke even, so the rest is free for me). 

I added a claw (from Warhammer 40k) but otherwise it's not converted. For The Institute (a faction I made up for zona alfa / Insurgent Earth) the yellow color / blue triangle is used on all of it. 

A quick and easy paint job, tried throuwing on a lot of weathering with washes and drybrushing. 

Patrick Todoroff is doing amazing skirmish games and you should consider getting some of them. They can all be found on Wargames Vault

Here's the robot with a team of scientists and their two bodyguards.

If you enjoy all manner of miniature blogging, follow some of the social media. I try to use all of them differently. You can find them on linktree. Also considere giving a look on Guilders: A Life In Shadows, a skirmish campaign game I'm working on. 

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