21 May 2023

Fantasy - Ghosts, Slimes and Chrono Hounds

I think transluscent miniatures is a big win and a great time saver for a lot of miniatures. For a specific Frostgrave scenario I needed some Chrono Hounds (teleporting ghost hound things), so I bought some cheap Nolzur minis in clear plastic. 

Game them a quick spray matt varnish (otherwise the wash won't stick) and a purple wash. Quick and gone. Ready for some Frostgrave, Nightwatch og other games. 

They are pretty hard to photograh, but it worked out alright. 

From the Fantasy Series 1 kickstarter by Blacklist Miniatures we got a couple of blue ghosts. I gave these a quick thinned down blue wash, to better bring out the deep areas. The fit nicely next to the Games Workshop ghost, I've painted earlier (used as illusionary soldiers with a necromancer). 

Slimes are also from the Blacklist Fantasy Series 1. There's some slimes in both some of the Frostgrave beastiaries (the one with the gnolls and dungeons ) and they can work for all manner of post apoc stuff. Like these might end up in Zona Alfa

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  1. Exactly why I have so many transparent beasties... The ease of painting gives me a sense of accomplishment. :)

    1. Yeah, it's great to just knock something out and move on.