13 May 2023

Siren Head

 My son is seeing all manner of weird stuff on youtube and playing games with the friends. Super heroes and monsters all over.

So there's this creepy pasta, internet monster thing called Siren Head. It's a scary tall humanoid with a couple of sirens where his head should be. 

Anyway he wanted one for all the other miniatures to fight with (my son is allowed to play with all my models). 

We took a few different boardgame models (from all the cheap auction, resell, break even) buys I've been doing. He picked a miniature from The Others (by CMON). The conversion was rather simple. 

Cut off the head, breasts and some heads on the stomach. Then drilled a hole in the next and added a bit of cut off sprue. The sirens are made from some part of a scavenged model war ship, green stuff cones and some wire. Super duper simple. The cut areas was simple to fix with some green stuff, since the monster was already a wrinkly gross thing.

We base coated the model in a brownish red, then added red was and two layers of red highlight. 
Some Siren Head pictures is like beef jerky / muscle tones, other more grey mummified. My son chose red. The siren is metal with some layers of rust colors. 

He looks really nasty for a bit of quick work. And I might make more monsters like it. He'll fit perfectly into Zona Alfa

If you like weird miniatures, aliens and mutants check out Patrick Todoroffs games. They're all miniature agnostic and play quick and well. I'm a big fan of pretty much all his systems. You can find them all here

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