15 October 2017

Devil's Run: Freelancers

In the first Devil's Run there were a couple of Freelancers. Characters and cars able to join all factions in the game.

The model is done as the car Mad Max drives in the movies. A very nice sculpt. I wanted to try some flame work, so did that. I would like another one at some point, just paint it matt black and dusty.

Added some armor to the rear windows. Made of thin currogated plastic from a box of chocolates.

Muggy and Geralt
There were multible muggy characters in the first Devil's Run kickstarter. And there's an entire muggy expansion coming for the next edition, Hell's Highway. It's a nice little car.

The biker is made from two different miscast bikes. A skinner bike front and a law bike rear. The skulls are 20mm resin pieces from Black Dog miniatures. I'll have to make a card for this bike at some point.

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