4 October 2017

Terrain Tutorial: Frostgrave Trees

I've bought some cheap trees from China Ebay (AliExpress) - but you can find stuff like this anywhere. Really ugly on their own, one kind looked like green bottle brushes. But with a minimum amount of work and almost free materials, you can get this result.

  • Cheap trees
  • Woodglue
  • Cork sheet
  • Sand
  • Cheap spray paint
  • Optional: Hot glue gun

Step 1 - Bases
You can use whatever base you want. I've bought a set of drill saw bits, my bases are 64mm. Cut from recycled wood/mdf sheet. Found at the local grocery store.

Step 2 - Bricks
Cut a bunch of bricks from cork sheet. I've found mine at Ikea - super cheap and a good material. I've made fairly irregular sizes.
Step 3
Using wood glue and cork tiles build a two layer circle. I've made sure it's not even or symmetrical - guessing a 1000 year blizzard will wreck anything nice.

Step 4 - paint
I've used cheap spray paint. Using brown spray in the middle and then thin coats of grey. I've done no drybrushing or detail paint - the tecture and colour of the cork is enough. It's visible through the grey paint.

Step 5 - Finishing touches
Glue the trees into place with woodglue or a hot glue gun. I've made a snow paint from a mix of sand, baking soda, white acryllic and snow flock. I've painted both the trees and the bases with it.

Lastly I've given the trees a light coat of matt white spray paint - from 60cm (2'). Giving a nice frosty effect on it all - this is done to all my Frostgrave terrain. It really helps biding it all together.

A couple of hours work, start to finish. Very nice and super cheap trees.

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