28 October 2017

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

I really like cool guy redneck Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead TV show. But Mantic Games don't have licens to cover taht show and Daryl is not in the comics. So I've had to build my own.

Build my Daryl from the miscast Craig model. I've straightened the model with hot water and cut the hood off the vest. Also cut away a lot of his stomach and ribs, to make room for the crossbow and tank top.

The angel wings on the vest, tank top and the hair is greenstuff.

The crossbow is from the Warlord Games male zombie survivors. I've added the bowstring myself. It fit fairly well, after alterring the models arms with hot water. I used a clothespin to hold the arms while the plastic cooled.

Needed a bit of greenstuff to hide the glue points.


Painted model


  1. He looks awesome! The wings on the vest look perfect and the hanky in the back pocket is a nice touch. I wish I had the male survivor kit. It's a much better choice than the Fire Forge medieval I have. I'll will have to fix my model after seeing yours complete. Well done.