21 October 2017

Frostgrave: Ulterior Motives

Frostgrave Ulterior Motives is a neat little expansion that introduces individual missions to Frostgrave scenarios. Changing the XP wizards will get and add another level to whatever mission you're playing.

The quests in Ulterior Motives use 7 different objectives and red hearings (fake objectives to confuse the enemy):

An Archway, a Pit, an Arcane Circle, a Statue, a Trapdoor, a Sarcophagus, a Runestone and a Zombie.

Here's my version of the above. Mostly made with recycled polystyrene and my hot cutter. The 14$ hot cutter tool is amazing (more on it here).

Terrain pieces are based on hard plastic (recycled yogurt lids). The polystyrene is painted with first a charcoal grey / woodglue mix. Then drybrushed with a light grey / woodglue mix. The two layers of glue adds a lot of strength to polystyrene kits.

Making them with the hot cutter also strengthen it, the melted edges don't break as easy.

The snow is home made. A mix of white aquarium sand, wood glue, baking powder and white acryllics (in use here on my houses).

Lastly the entire pieces are sprayed with matt white spray paint, from approximately 60 cm (2'). Gives a nice frosted look and ties all my Frostgrave terrain together.

Rune Stone
Evergreen ivy plant made from cheap chinese flock. Two pieces of polystyrene - base and stone. Glued and toothpicked together.

I had already found a nice old toy knight, that I wanted to stand on a plith. But I found this statue for €1,5 in the second hand store. Added a polystyrene stonework base and a skull. Painted emerald eyes on it, as this is a thing on a Ulterior Motive card.

Made from three pieces of polystyrene. Based on an mdf base. Tiles on the base are simple cardboard pieces.

Cut from one piece of polystyrene - the stairs were a bit tricky. Room enough on each step for a 25mm round base. After frost coating the piece, I painted the pit buttom clear black. Seems to be deeper this way.

Arcane Circle
Super easy piece to do. Cut a disc and made a pentagram in it with the hot cutter.

This one I made from cork, for putting hot stuff on, they cost nothing in Ikea and a great for a lot of terrain. Added some bits with super glue and painted the whole thing as stone. This will go into my Mausoleum when I've build one of those.

Made from greenstuff on a yogurt lid base. Bolts are made with the excellent greenstuff mold from Green Stuff World. Stonework from Ikea cork.

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