6 April 2018

TWD: Boats

I found these small boats in a thrift store, for 0,5€ pr. boat. That's the same as nothing. The red boat had some off scale seats in it, but they were secured with phillips screws. After removing them, I cut some plastic card and inserted instead.

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The size of the red boat is perfect, neatly fitting three 25mm bases.

The brown boat is not nearly wide enough in the bottom, but will still hold a few models.

Both boats were given a layer of matt varnish, then some washes. Picked put a few details with a new colour.

A really cool thing is the trailer, it came with the red boat - giving more versatility for use in scenarios.

Scenario idea - Make it to the river
Can be played solo or with two opposing gangs. A herd of walkers is moving towards the survivors, they have to make it to the river and escape by boat.

Set-up: 2'x'4 playing area. A river in one end, the other part covered in forrest. One boat is placed on the river, the other on the trailer in the wooded area. Put four cars on the board as well. The survivors start on the table end opposite the river.

Walkers: Set up a few walkers on the board. From turn 2 and onwards 2 blue dice walkers enter the board from the side opposite the river. All walkers (not moved by noise) will automatically shamble towards the river at the end of the event phase.

This is in addition to any walkers entering the board from Events.

Objective: Get as many survivors as possible into the boats. Using an action a survivor can start a boat and move off the board.

The boat on the river is lacking fuel. Survivors will have to siphon gas from the cars, to start that boat. Use an action, next to a car, roll a black dice and on a ✪, the survivor has successfully siphoned gas. Only one attempt can be used pr car.

The boat on the trailer (or on the ground if you don't have a trailer), must be pushed to the river. If a survivor stands next to the trailer, using a move action can push it.

1 survivor: The trailer can be pushed (or boat dragged) up to sneak distance - causing Noise.
2+ survivors (moving at the same time): The trailer can be pushed up to run distance - causing Noise.

When the boat have reached the river, a survivor can spend an action to move it off the board.

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