26 April 2018

Concept Drawing - Hydro Bar

While building some scrap metal walls for use in all manner of sci-fi and post-apoc games, I got the idea of expanding it. Besides walls I want to make a bunch of scrap shacks and buildings, for an entire wasteland township.

And this idea for a Hydro Bar popped into my brain. Normally I just start building terrain, without a clear plan in mind - and I just go with the flow.

But from building the scrap walls, I know that a plan is needed. Otherwise the scaffolding will get all messed up.

So here's my first ever terrain concept drawing. It's been a long time since I've drawn anything other than killer-robot-dinosaur-tractors (gotta love four year olds). Looking forward to doing this build.

I plan to make a detachable roof, to allow play inside the building. It's also designed for the 3" grid, allowing easy use in Deadzone.

Next up: Come up with a plan for a Wasteland Emporium. That would already make this a complete trade station.

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