3 April 2018

TWD: Days Gone Bye Ch. 2

Chapter 2 - City Slicker
Rick is entering Atlanta to find his family. For a better city feel I added some buildings to the map. A tank is also fitting, it's a nice scene in the TV series.

From Chapter 1 I had secured three Supply Counters and could choose 15 extra points worth of equipment in this scenario. With 35 points to spend, Rick got equipped with a Horse and Rick's Hatchet. The model of Rick on Horse is so cool - and I never use it in games.

I made it through this chapter on the first attempt, but only just. Lots of extra Walkers made it into the map and it turned into night from an Event. Being night, I limited Ricks speed to 8'' (as the line of sight) - couldn't have him speed around in darkness on a horse.

Threat went to 17 as Rick made it off the board, only carrying two Supply Counters. He was slighty wounded. Wouldn't have had time to pick up any more, it was too dangerous. Two times Rick was fighting with two walkers at the same time. Woudln't had taken much for me to loose this round.

Solo mode is still feeling balanced. This map could have been pretty hard, had I played without the horse.

Read Chapter 1. Or continue to Chapter 3.

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