3 April 2018

TWD: Days Gone Bye Ch. 1

I've waited for a long time to throw myself into playing The Walking Dead scenarios. The main reason being that I wanted 3d terrain for it all.

Chapter 1: Gun Running
The first scenario have Rick, Morgan and Duane going to the Cynthia police department for guns. Having only 20 points for equipment I went with a screw driver, a shovel (for bashing the door) and a crowbar.

A few changes to the scenario. I played with a building, having to smash the door (makes Noise) to get inside and get the guns. Having to also get off the map, carrying the guns.

Normally the scenario ends after a successful Smash roll on the bag of guns.

Random walker entry. When walkers enter the map from Events, I roll a d4 for random table edge, then a d24 for the number of inches from the corner. Can cause some real trouble for the survivors.

I lost the scenario three times. First time was okay and a Car Alarm went off. Thought it a good thing, but the Threat went up too high and two armored walkers came to the table. Also Rick and Morgan was bitten by the end.

Second try stopped after turn 2. Rick got bitten by a Lurker and Duane got blasted by a booby trap. Then came night fighting and threat would go up by two every turn (instead of one) - game over.

Third try went really good. I made it all the way to the police station. But the door wouldn't break! Morgan and Rick hammered it, nothing happened. Making Noise every time. Then I drew a '+1 threat / draw two more Events' card. Sealed the deal. The Thread sky rocketed and 6 walkers (two of those armored) entered the map, four of them close to Rick and Morgan.

Fourth time was the charm. I changed the gear a bit, giving both Rick and Morgan a shovel. Duane got armed with 2 empty bottles for creating some noise.

Sneaked around, a Car Alarm went off, drew in some walkers. Duane managed to turn off the alarm. A dumpster caught fire, turning walkers into undead torches. Made it off the board with three Supply Counters, no one wounded and with a ton of walkers on the board.

Very impressed with my first solo run. The game playes well in solo, it's no problem it being a bit hard. I actually thing it's important to make the game a bit harder using all Event Cards and adding some buildings.

Action shots

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