9 April 2018

TWD: Crashed Helicopter

Academy Models is a Korean producers of model kits that are super cheap. I found this nice Highway Patrol helicopter on Ebay. I've put together a couple of Academy model sets (like the tank I use for The Walking Dead)

The quality on this kit was very love, the clear plastic parts didn't fit the helicopter hull. So for anything other than a crashed heliptor, I'm not sure I would use this. But for the price, it's a nice scenery piece.

After assembly I heated the rotor blades with a candle light, to warp them. Also melted the front glass, to put the helicopter into the base, when the plastic was soft. The door broke of the helicopter while taking photos, so glued it to the base.

For painting I went with a yellow and blue 'Beredskabsstyrelsen' Triangles. It's something that resembles FEMA in Denmark. THe base is a brown with grey drybrush - no shrub or static grass. This was the chopper can be crashed in multible environments.

I also have a Mars Attacks truck, painted in the same way. Need to get a few boiler suit wearing walkers, paint them in yellow uniforms as well.


  1. Where did you get the River mats w/ the crashed Helo? Been lookin g for them, since I saw these mats used in a T&G custom TWD-AOW scenario?