11 July 2018

Tutorial: Bone Wheel

The Bone Wheel is a specific piece of terrain for Frostgrave (See it in a scenario here). But I decided to build it and not snow it up, because then it's just a cool piece for many other games.

This little piece will be well placed in Ghost Achipelago jungles, in the wasteland of This Is Not A Test and Omega Zones of Scrappers - all games I collect.

  • Halloween skeleton hands
  • Ice cream sticks
  • Cotton string
  • Super glue
Step 1: The top
Found this pair of cheap skeleton hands around halloween (but you can found then year long and cheap on eBay and AliExpress). It was easy to cut of the fingers with with knife and clipper.

Put them in the prefered shape, so that each 'arm' would be the same length. Then dropped super glue on the joining areas. Let it dry, flip over and drop from the other side as well.

Step 2: The pole
Chop up some ice cream sticks and glue them together for a beam. Glue it on a base and add some support at the bottom. There's still some fingers left, cut them up to individual small bones. This way they can be rearranged to twist around the middle beam.

Superglue it all in place.

Step 3: Support the top
Use ice  cream sticks to add some support to the top. The middle beam and top will stay together. I've added four support pieces to the middle and made a 'wheel' on the top as well. The structure will be nice and sturdy. When dry, flip it over and add a wheel to the topside as well.

Step 4: Detailing
Time to add some gruesome details. I've added lots of various skull bits from the bit box. Lots of sacrificed skulls on the base of the bone wheel. And hiding the clumsy joints on the top, with skulls as well.

The last piece of detailing was adding string. I use cotton string from the kitchen, for tying roasts together. It's the perfect size. I've added string to the the middle beam and the top. It does a good job of concealing how the piece looks glued. Giving a much better impression of this being build.

Step 5: Painting
I base coated the entire thing brown. Drybrushed the bone part with a skeleton colour, used another brown on the string and added lots of 'blood for the blood god'. A few pieces of tuft and static grass tops it off.

Wouldn't look out of place in the wasteland. See a tutorial for the fences here.