19 July 2018

TWD: Sibling Rivalry

After her first game of The Walking Dead yesterday, my youngest daughter asked for another game today. This time her older (11 years) brother was in on a fight. He haven't played the game before either.

Like earlier, the kids just got some models that they liked. We then found some equipment for them. Both teams ended up around 250 pts.

My daughter chose Abraham (with m4 assault rifle), Curtis (with machete), Bruce (hammer and gun) and Shiva.

My son took Billy (with a rifle), Tyreese (with a big axe), Harold (bat) and Ezekiel (gun and knife).

We played on a 2'x2' with a brick house in the middle. We place 10 supply counter on the board, with 2 on each floor of the house. Looking through a window would spawn a blue dice walkers inside. Getting to the stairs would spawn a blue dice walkers on the first floor.

Both my kids took a very silent and sneaky route. They didn't fire guns and didn't go for attacking each other. They spend a lot of time 'holding their nerve' and only failed 1 time in 8 rolls. ... How come they don't live like this in real life I don't know.

Both kids took a very solid group approach, staying close, sneaking, ganging up on single walkers.

Two walkers spawned on the ground floor of the old hardware store. It would take an action to open the door.

Both groups was at the front door at the same time and it finally came to some ugly confrontations. Tyreese took it upon himself to fight Shiva in a cluster of survivors. Despite Tyreese having backup and the best odds, Shiva scratch him bad. With a ! and sharp claws he was hurt badly.

He took revenge the turn after where Billy took aim and killed Shiva with a single well placed shot.

Being in front with supply gathered my son rushed into the store, to grab the supplies there - getting way in front. Tyreese and Harold are both good in combat and made short work of the walkers inside.

Abraham (and my daughter angry over the loss of Shiva) went inside and unloaded three rounds of shooting at Harold. Multiple Shots (2) and Assault turned him dead (but he wasn't hit in the head).

The battle ended in a big fight inside the building. After the fighting became both kids stopped lowering the Threat Tracker and it quickly gained. Tyreese ended Abraham with a swing of the axe. Bruce killed Ezekiel.

When the threat tracker hit 18, both groups had lost two survivors. My daughter had lost Abraham and Shiva. My son had lost Ezekiel and Harold. My daughter got off with three supply tokens over my sons two. Curtis had avoided combat and sneaked around the house to get some unclaimed loot.

A very nice game with my kids. They enjoy it. While driving to the beach later, we talked about possible scenarios. PvP and PvE. Lots of different ideas.

We're gonna play some more TWD this summer break I'm certain.

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