18 July 2018

TWD: A child on a scavenge run

It's summer break and my two youngest kids are playing with a lot of my dolls. They really enjoy themselves. It gives a bit of extra wear on the stuff and some of it will break.

Asked my youngest daughter (age 8) if she wanted to play with the zombies - using the rules and dice. So we went to play some The Walking Dead.

We lined up all the characters, organized them into groups and she chose the models she wanted in her band of survivors.

She went with Glenn, Maggie, Susie/Rachel and Shiva. The boyfriend and girlfriend combo, protecting the little twin sisters and their pet tiger. Glenn was armed with a hammer, Maggie with a pistol and the twins with a knife.

We set up a little board and made a simple mission. Get at least five supply tokens and get off the board before reaching 18 on the Threat Tracker.

I was really impressed with the way she played the game. She opted to sneak in the start, protect survivors with the tiger, shot guns when appropriate and used models to 'keep calm' lowering the threat. Lucky girl she failed 1 in 8 'keep calm' rolls.

Only rules we didn't use was 'nerve' vs threat tracker. Only as part of events (like 'shooting at shadows').

I took control of the walkers. Events forcing movement of walkers I took control. Walkers entering the board came with random board edge and inches from corner (using dice).

The board is 2'x2' with 10 supply tokens. It shows a little wooden house, barricaded at the beginning of the apocalypse.

The chosen survivors ready to enter the board

After sneaking up the the first walker, shiva put it down without much trouble. Killed it next round before it got back up.

Glenn picked up a supple token behind the barrier and found a freaking assault rifle - didn't even know there was one in the supply deck!

As a car alarm went off, drawing in many walker, Glenn opened fire with the rifle. He put down three walkers with multible shots (2) and assault. Great shooting.

We drew some pretty nice event cards. Lots of walkers came with an event putting walkers on most supply counters. We played 'three walkers against the door breaks it'. So after this event the swarmed out of the house.

A car alarm was a great help for my daughter. Good she remember (all by herself as well) to use 'keep calm' and lower the threat. It grows fast with a car alarm in the game from the start.

When the group made it off the board, the threat was at 17. The carried off six supply tokens and wasn't wounded at all. Very well played and good fun.

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