5 July 2018

US Army Squad and Humvees

I got the Mantic Games US Soldiers in a cheap deal, thinking they could work well for a lot of games. The models are originally from the Mars Attacks game. 

The 10 model squad is quite nice and all the models are unique, but I still opted to do some conversions. These are build to work as a standard doctrine squad, with an attached Medic. 

1 Squad Leader (Staff Sergeeant) and two fireteams. 

Fireteam Alpha:
Team Leader, AR
Grenadier, AR with greande launcher
Automatic Rifleman, SAW
Anti-Armor Specialist, Javelin, AR

Fireteam Bravo:
Team Leader, AR 
Grenadier, AR with grenade launche
Automatic Rifleman, SAW
Designated Marskman, M14, AR

I plan on using these as NPCs in The Walking Dead or a small team in Last Days

The Humvees for these guys are my first completely 3d-printed models. I found the vehicles on Thingeverse, and they're actually scalled for Team Yankee. But they still have good detailing after being streched. 

Added an Anvil Industries bergen to make the medic. Gave the Javelin armed soldier an AR (from Project Z survivors) and made a dedicated marksman. Made it from a Bolt Actions US Infantry gun and a thin plastic rod as a scope. 

Painted Result
I went for a classic woodland camouflage look on the uniforms. Army Green base coat with a spray, then added dots of black, brown and lighter green. 

The entire 10 man squad. 

 Alpha team.

Fireteam Bravo.

Squad Leader and embedded Medic.

Bergen backpack from Anvil Industries. ARs from Project Z male survors sprue, added to the arnti-armor guy and the dedicated marskman.

For Last Days the starting gang would be: 

Leader, Trained, Military Assault Rifle, Knife
Survivalist, Selfish, SAW
Soldier, Military Assault Rifle, Knife
SWAT, Military Assault Rifle, Knife

Scale Comparison
The Mars Attacks soldiers are visibly smaller than the 32mm scaled Walking Dead models. I added a thin Renadra 25mm round base under the soldier bases. It adds a little height, making them better looking next to TWD miniatures. 

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