10 July 2018

Frostgrave - Thaw of the Lich Lord sc. 9

The Bone Wheel. Scenario 9 in the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign - our warbands are near to their goal and the final fight with the Lich Lord. You can see the first scenarios on my Frostgrave page.

The scenario is a good little fun, especially from a different type of setup, as the warbands are placed diagonally in corners.

The Bone Wheel in the middle is haunted by two banshees, their scream hurting anybody close to them .

This game was played with the Maze of Melcor experience rules and Ulterior Motives. All the treasures are placed at the bone wheel and will move around every turn.

For our alternative objectives given by Ulterior Motives, they both was out of the question. To hard for our warband to try and solve, with Banshees running around - and the treasures all close to the center.

My witch to a safe approach. Enchanting warband member weapons, taking shots at the nearest banshee, keeping in hiding.

My opponent summoner tried the same, but got hit hard be the banshee. He couldn't really wound it and the scream really hurt his soldiers, before we were even near the Bone Wheel.

The battle was quick and brutal. Swarming the centre, grabbing treasure and getting out. Non of our soldiers are hurt after this match, ready for the final battle against the evil Lich.

I started in the lower left corner, my opponent in the upper right.

My opponent was unlucky, that the random movement on the banshee moved it directly towards him.

The bone wheel surrounded by lots of great treasures.

The rangifier is my favourite warband member and he's done a stellar job hunting undead minions of the evil lich.

Sneaking towards the bone wheel. Enchanting weapons and arrows on the way.

The banshee was able to move to the top of a ruined inn, staying in range of the bone wheel. The scream from the banshee hurt all three soldiers, all failing their will save.

A brutal cluster fight in the middle of the board. To my luck I got out with most treasures, as the other warband was badly hurt when the finally put down the banshee.

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