4 October 2018

Modern Corpse Markers

I've been wanting some corpse markers for my modern games. When I last made an order from TT Combat I was thinking of getting their resin ones. But as always I'm easily put off by price - thinking 'this is the same as a small building'. I also really dislike the brittle nature of even good resin.

From some late night Ebay search a large box of Studio Miniatures zombies. They are dirt cheap and come in a box of 60. They are some fairly boring sculpts (unlike the Studio Miniature metal models).

I've used some of those and a single Warlord female survivor to make some corpses.

There's four different bodies on the plastic sprue, so I decided to go for 8 corpses, half being face up - half being face down. There's eight different heads, so I used one of each.

Using clippers I added various injuries to the bodies. Clipping off limbs and messing up the cut areas even more.

To make the models stronger, prevent breaking, I've glued them to the thinnest plastic card I have - to look like blood pools.

This was an easy little project that will add Last Days: Massacre Site and my games of Walking Dead.
Showcase and painting
The corpses were painting in simple colors, blood pools painted red. They were given a heavy wash of quick shade. Lastly I used the technical Blood For The Blood God to add shiny fresh blood.

First three corpses. The female one is from Warlord Games.

All these are studio plastics. Made sure to make a doctor / nurse, painted with a simple red cross on the shoulders. I have used the same uniform for both alive survivors and some nurse  walkers. Allowing a better themed setup.

The yellow vehicles with blue triangles are the colors of an emergency agency in Denmark. Made one corpse in the uniform of these guys as well. I still need a few walking zombies in these uniform colors.

Last corpse is painted in US woodland camouflage pattern. It's the same colors I've used on my infantry squad.