25 October 2018

Terrain: Broken and rusted cars

I've been wanting som all wasted, completely rusted and trashed cars for my wasteland tables. I think something like this will look better on a Scrappers or This Is Not A Test table, than my other cars - who as just dirty.

These were done at the end of a month, after I finished the monthly painting pledge. First I tried lighting the cars on fire with zippo lighter gasoline, but it didn't work. I think I might work dropping the cars into a bon fire - I'll try that at some point.

So I instead beat them with a hammer and painted all manner of different browns and rust colors I had. Gave them a Quick Varnish dip wash, birch tree seeds and then a mat varnish coat.

Super quick way to up add some cover to a complete wasteland.

Wasteland terrain hub.
Modern terrain hub.