19 October 2018

TWD: Wave 4 retail exclusives

It's been a very long time since all the kickstarter The Walking Dead models came. Now I've finished painting up the retail exclusives for wave 4 - Made To Suffer. I think the idea behind retail exclusives is brilliant, keeps the game fresh for Kickstarter backers.

The Walkers
Each of the walkers from the boosters are from a perk on the kickstarter campaign - pay a lot of money and get turned into a walker. I decided to paint one of the up to match my prisoner walkers, feeling I was missing a bit for the prison yard.

Tyreese and Michonne - riot gear
I really like the riot gear sculpts Mantic have done. And the complete set with Rick and Glenn is badass. It'll cost a lot of points in the game though.

Woodbury - the remaining guys
The last of the gang from Woodbury and the forces of The Governor.
I think Tom is one of the coolest models yet for this game, the model is oozing action. I'll be using it a lot, it's such a great pose. And it's also good to finally have Lilly in the collection, she's playing a pretty important role in the story.


  1. Living the hobby dream. Good paintjobs and choice of colours! I agree Tom is a very good sculpt.

    1. He just looks like the wrong guy to cross!