1 October 2018

Last Days: First crew - Everyday Heroes

After finishing The Thaw of the Lich Lord for Frostgrave, my regular gaming body and I will jump into Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse.

This is the first crew  I'm gonna play, regular good guys. Everyday heroes.

We're gonna play with a random refuge, roll a dice to see which safe haven the crew have been able to find. I rolled up a church.

I'll describe the bits used, items in game and character stories under the photos. I've gone with WYSIWYG on all their starting gear.

The crew

Everyday Hero, selfless - Wade
The leader of the group, the everyday hero. Wade, like many other young men and women, did a few years in the army when he was young. He never thought off it as a carrier thing. After leaving the army, he got a job at the state. Working with social services, mostly desk work. He's always enjoyed spending his free time outside.

After grouping with John and Sam, the three were roaming blindly for a time. They found a place with Job at his church.

Starting gear: Surplus SMG and knife

Parts: Warlord Project Z survivors, Modern Military head, converted arm from male survivor bits.
SWAT, trained - John
John and Wade made back in their army days. They were from the same state and became good friends. John loved being a soldier and did spend a few more years in the Army than Wade. He was on a couple combat deployments. After leaving the army, civilian life didn't work for him in the beginning. But after he became a cop and later part of SWAT everything fell into place. 

Until the world ended that is. 

Painting: Really hard to capture the different colors. His suit is dark blue, his gear is black with dark grey highlights, there's som spot color on his yellow safety glasses and the green machete. 

Starting equipment: Military Assault Rifle, Heavy Blade (Machete).

Parts: Warlord Modern Military, Project Z survivors machete. 

Firefighter, selfless - Sam
Sam was working as a fireman when all hell broke loose. Working countless hours, skipping breaks, never going home - as most firemen did in the beginning. Sam continued working even as the others bailed. 
Everything finally fell apart during a major deployment. Cut off and surrounded be zombies he found himself fighting alongside John. Free of the mayhem, they met up with Wade.

Painting: Went for the classic yellow and blue combo. Painted some black knee pads on the pants. Can't be spotted for shine, but there's a minor 'FD' on the front of his shirt as well. 

Starting Equipment: Heavy club (fire axe), pump-action shotgun

Parts: Warlord Project Z survivor. Chopped off t-shirt sleeve of right arm. Fire Axe made from thin plastic card and plastic rod. 
Good Samaritan, selfless - Father Job
Father Job is a priest and has been so for many years. When all hell broke loose he was a week from retirement. First he found himself lucky, in the bad situation, still being in charge of the church and starting to organize helping from there.

He was surprised however how few people came to the church however. He was sure they would have been filled with people.

When Wade came to the church, he quickly became the leader. Job still runs the church, but Wade is a better organizer and leader - making all the decisions when going out.

Painting: Nearly all black, when a few dark grey highlights. a white collar and metal on the shotgun breaks it all up.

Starting equipment: Pump-action shotgun, knife, medical supplies and a bible.

Parts: Warlord project Z survivor, bible arm has been bend with hot water. Shotgun arm from Modern Military sprue, with shoulder pocket cut off.
 Rescue Worker, selffless - Carla
Carla is a nurse and married to Father Job. When society broke down she worked for a bit at the hospital - but it quickly became chaotic. Feeling her skills better used elsewhere, she stocked up on supplies to help the community from the church.

Starting equipment: Automatic pistol, knife, medical supplies

 Kid, neutral - Alice
 Alice and her parents belonged to the church before the apocalypse. Not going every Sunday, but occasionally. After her parents died, Alice first went to the houses of friends - all abandoned. She made it through the city to seek help at her school - which had fallen to zombies as well. Finally she went to the church where Father Job and Carla took her in.

Starting equipment: Knife
 The Refuge - Church
Rolling for a random refuge, it was fitting my characters nicely to find a church. The group was already figured out be then - so that was a great roll. Here's a few shots of the survivors in their home, refitted to work better for them.

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  1. Cool Looking survivors. I keep meaning to pick the rules up to try out.

    1. It's a nice little set of rules. It's very much a 'tell a story' / RPG type game. Not aimed at competitive play or super balance.

  2. And "Father Job" is a good Episcopalian, being married and all... :)