21 October 2018

Tutorial: Jersey Barriers

Been wanting some jersey barriers for a good while, thinking they'll add a lot to many different games.

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  • Hard foam (mine is from a PC box)
  • Knife
  • Plier

Cut out some strips of foam. I've gone for 1" high barriers. The foam is 2 cm thick.

Cut them into short pieces.  

Get a new and an sharp hobby knife. Cutting from the top and down, cut an angle on each side of the foam. I found up - down was better than side - side. The side - side result got jacked. 

Cut and angle at the end of the barriers as well. 

I decided to make some battle damage in half my jersey barriers. Using a plier you can rip out small chunks of the foam. 

A small amount of time later and you'll have a good amount of barriers. 

I spray painted the barriers with a cheap dark grey and drybrushed with a lighter grey. Added small yellow stripes for some extra detail. Printed some small posters and stuck on a few barriers and added a bit of blood spatter. 

A squad of US Army infantrymen trying to hold off the horde. 

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