26 March 2019

TNT: Peacekeepers

The second completed team for our campaign of This Is Not A Test - this is gonna be one of the teams I play.

I've been heavily inspired by the NCR in Fallout when making this team, it's build using the peacekeepers list in the TNT rules.  Unlike a lot of other teams and models, I don't really have other games in mind for these guys.

I might use the the slaves in orange for something else. I have other prison types (like the dreadball team) and thinking they can be  cool gang of raiders on day.

The bits just for these guys will be listed with the below photos.

The starting team made using TNT rules.

Reinforcements: Miniatures added to this warband at a later date. 

Left: A linebreaker. The specialist is made from a Sedition Wars restic model. I've given him a Warlord Games WW2 American head, a shield from an unknown plastic sprue (some dead firm). Then I've armed him with a machete and shotgun from Warlord Games Survivors.

Middle: The Leader - Hanging Judge. Body is a Warlord Games Terminator Resistance soldier. The head is from Warlord zombie survivors and the laser carbine and pointing arm is from Mantic GCPS soldiers. I've added a small noose made from string and super glue.

Right: An elite Outrider. Resistance kneeling soldier, warlord ww2 backpack, a russian winter soldier head and the rifle is from zombie survivors. A true warlord kit bash.

Rank and file officers.

Both models are Terminator Resistance soldiers. The heads are from male and female survivors sprues. The backpack and shotgun is from ww2 american soldiers and the m16 is from the survivor sprues. Warlord bits all around.

Rank and file sacrificial lambs. Prisoners with bomb collars. I've used some old Games Workshop flagellant bodies and used heads from warlord games. Both wounded soldier heads and zombie survivor heads.

I've armed them with chainsaws and a machete. I'm really happy with the chainsaw on a stick, held in place with string and super glue.

It's hard to see on the photos, but I added a lot of blood splatter to the chainsaw guys.