8 May 2019

Terrain: Jungle Head Statues

In Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago there's a scenario with some standing stones as objectives. So when trawling the internet for terrarium and aquarium accessories, I've come across the Easter Island head statues. A nice size and come pre-painted. So I've ordered a bunch of these for terrain.

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First some photos of the finished stuff. Afterwards I'll write a step-by-step.

Finished statues
I haven't done nny paint work on the statues, as they look really nice already. I've only added flock to the bases and to some statues as climbing plants.

I've cut up an old hardfoam/plastic mayonaise advert for bases. Using a hotglue gun I've added the statues and some aquarium plants to the base.

Using colored wood glue, I've added sand to the bases. Just add a lot, so it covers up the hot glue points with the bases. Then using a cheap brown spray paint, I've painted the sand.

Use a nice jungle mix of flock. I've just added together different static grass, green flock, clump foliage, dry garden debris, twigs and a bit of dirt.

Add a bit of color and extra detail to the bases using sticks and stones.

Color some woodglue with cheap green acryllic. Add a lot of flock and press it into place. Let it sit, so the glue will soak a bit into the flock.