14 May 2019

This Is Not A Test: V8 Tribals

For the This Is Not A Test campaign, one of the players would like to a melee heavy raider warband. So I've build this Cult of the V8, Mad Max inspired gang of marauders.

Digging in the bit box, I've made the group from various bits I already had lying around

Despite being raider types. these will be using the rules presented for Tribals. For some reason it made a warband better fitting for the models.

Being made mainly from Games Workshop bits, these have an aesthetic that fits well into the Warhammer universe. I'm thinking these will be some kind of group in some Necromunda one day, perhaps in the Ash Wastes - that's pretty Mad Max already.

I also want to expand the gang with a few vehicles.

There's a WIP post from the building process here.

I've painted the guys in a darker skin tone, when painted the warpaint with watered down white and charcoal grey. For the colors on clothes I've gone for military-ish colors as well.

The leader of the warband. Made him a Cult of the V8 symbol on his warbanner and he has a giant resin force hammer. No idea if it's good in the game - but it's cool.

Base model is a chaos marauder on catachan legs.

These are the Elite and Specialists of the starting warband. Big brutes. Wanted to give them a lot of gore, as these are meant to be brutal.

Base models are chaos marauders on catachan legs.

The rank and file troopers are made from GW Pox Walkers. I've shaved off most of the nurgle infected parts - but these still look like they've lived in the wasteland. Great models to work on.

Out of the box plastic chaos warhound I had lying around. I've been using a lot of these models for Frostgrave as well.