17 May 2019

Tutorial: Jungle / woodland sprinkle

I've made my own felt mats for various games, including Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. It's a lot cheaper than buying neoprene mats and I can't paint them up to fit my needs.

But the mats do lack a bit of texture, especially my green mat. Despite having used multiple greens and browns. I came up with an idea for a sprinkle. Just pour this over the mat in the places where there's no terrain pieces. When the game is over I simple fold the mat and pour the sprinkle back into its box.

I use a large old candy plastic box.

Add garden debris. All dry stuff you can find. Twigs, leaves, seeds, grass. Crunch it up good in your hand. Also add small twigs you haven't crushed too much.

Add some clump foliage, static grass and flock in different colors. You can find super cheap and large bags on the ebay and aliexpress.

This is a mix of two colors green clump foliage.

I think this was listed as moss. I looks almost like hacked up green kale.

Mixed up and with different green static grass added as well.

A quick before and after shot. Really does add some easy extra to the mat. I think I'll add even more sticks and a few stones to the mix for my next game. I'll also find and dry some real moss, to quickly add large areas of extra color.

For using three minutes to mix up a big box and considering it's a 30 second yup to gather after playing - this is easy detailing.

Check out the jungle terrain here.


  1. Definitely makes a difference, will it glue onto your mats? Looking smashing fella 😀

    1. Some of it sticks to the mat after shaking the rest off. But I'm not gluing the stuff in place.