30 May 2019

This Is Not A Test: Mutant Cannibals

Build another post apocalyptic warband. Lots of kitbashing and a bit of green stuff work done on them. You can see the wip post and bit list here.

I build this team with the This Is Not A Test - Mutant Cannibals in mind. Making a 400 BS starting warband. But these guys could also be used as scavvies in Necromunda og Ash Waste mutants.

Originally I started this warband as enemies for an inquisitor group in Inq28.

Complete Warband
The entire family of mutated freaks. Having out in a scrap yard.

Maw-maw is a leader for the warband. Armed with a meat hook rifle and an oxygen tank. This old lady is not too fit, and walking the wasteland on scavenging missions is hard. This is a modded reaper bones model.

Next to her is her First Born. The oldest and most intelligent of her children. The model is a ramshackle model, with mantic ghoul face and green stuff hood.

Normal, not too mutated son of the family. These youngins are smart enough to operate simple firearms and weapons. On scavenging and raiding missions, these guys are the ambushers. I had sand people from Star Wars in mind when buildings these guys.

I gave them cheap and simple weapons, because it fit the theme of the warband.

This is GW Plague Monk skaven, with mantic ghoul heads and green stuff hoods.

When a wasteland family have a lot of children - some will turn out as feral degenerates. The savage mutants are kept caged and chained in the family hide out. They can't speak, the can't really follow a plan. They are taking on raids and released on the enemy - engaging in cannibalistic eating right away, when taking down prey.

Tiny and critter
Tiny is the largest member of the family, extremely dumb and very strong. Only added a small bag to this model, the rest is original from Ramshackle Games. The critter is the family wardog an unconverted Games Workshop chaos war hound.

Character card photos
Made my own xl character cards for TNT. This is the mug shots for those cards.